Indes Technics & Solutions

Get to know us

INDES Technics & Solutions was born out of the need to provide both a technical and an operational response to the changing demands of the industrial sector by offering real and flexible solutions. We have a multi-disciplinary workforce who undergo on-going training and who have more than a decade of experience of all types of projects.

Devoting itself originally to mechanical assembly, INDES has been capable of adapting itself to the needs of its customers by broadening its areas of activity to cover these demands. Today, we can proudly say that our grounding in electrical, instrumentation, fire-fighting or comprehensive maintenance projects is really quite extensive.

Already, firmly established in Spain and in Europe, INDES is in the middle of a phase of expansion into other markets such as Israel, the East and South America. Our capacity for adaptation and our know-how has made it possible for us to operate successfully in a wide range of places and to execute projects of many kinds for leading companies in the world-wide energy sector. From the design phase right through to start-up, we can offer what our customers demand.

Our values