Abengoa Bioenergy Netherlands

Location: Abengoa Bioenergía – Europoort – Rotterdam (Netherlands) Merwedeweg 10, haven nr 5629

Work carried out

Mechanical work for connection of lines to the new RTO unit at the biofuel plant for Abengoa Bioenergy Netherlands in Rotterdam.

Electrical work consisting of electrical connection and  linking up of the new unit from the existing MCC.

Instrumentation work for the correct functioning of the equipment consisting of installing the PT, FSL, LEL; flowmeters and motorized valves.

  • Piping prefabrication and assembly of interconnection new unit and utilities
  • Design, prefabrication and installation of new flowing suction pipeline
  • Supply and installation of motorized valves
  • Supply and installation of power supplying new line for low voltage RTO new unit I
  • Supply and installation of new switch in existing MCC
  • Supply, installation and connection of instruments for the new unit
  • Supply, lying and connection of signal wiring and power for all new equipment
  • Integration of new signals of instruments and motorized valves in existing DCS
  • Commissioning of the set of the new RTO unit and its integration in plant operation
  • Design and execution of hydraulic testing of pipes
  • Document management and processing of Quality Dossier